Management Partner

Circle Peak’s partnership approach requires close relationships with accomplished operating executives and delivers measureable and multi-faceted value to its affiliates. A management team’s acumen and collective competitive advantage is a key factor in our identification of and investment in our affiliate companies. We believe that this approach enhances the likelihood of investment success, under the philosophy that it is far better to have an average company with outstanding management, than an outstanding company with average management. A capable management team also allows our affiliates to react quickly to changing market conditions and to pursue a buy-and-build strategy in certain situations.

We also believe that a strong management partnership is based on realistic, open dialogue and prompt decision-making. We view our role as facilitating management’s operating and strategic objectives by providing financial capital throughout the lifecycle of a portfolio company, and intellectual capital as needed. Circle Peak works closely with its management teams and capital partners to make sure that all senior managers and other related constituents have meaningful equity positions post-closing.

Circle Peak assists management in the following key areas:

  • Leveraging relationships with third party advisors, board of directors, lenders, and strategic partners
  • Setting thoughtful and meaningful equity and incentive driven compensation plans for management
  • Enhancing the company’s strategic planning process
  • Introducing new sales, marketing, and branding initiatives
  • Identifying, researching, and financing add-on acquisitions
  • Encouraging incremental investments of capital and human resources
  • Upgrading and enhancing technology and operational infrastructure
  • Assisting management in the sale of non-core or under utilized assets
  • Developing and implementing exit strategies for the business