David Greenstein

David Greenstein is the President of Homestead, the home division if Li & Fung in the US. In addition to a remarkable career in creating and running successful home product companies, David was also responsible for the rebranding and sale of London Fog and Pacific trail to its present owners.

David co-founded Homestead Fabrics Limited in 1997, which under his leadership, grew to be the premier total home product wholesaler that it is today. David is known for his pioneering work in proprietary branding, and is involved in internal branding work at many major retailers including Wal-Mart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Macys, Meijer and Belk

Through David’s efforts, in concert with his in house brand and design teams, Homestead has also developed a reputation as a trend and marketing leader in the home goods industry, with capability to see product from concept to retail.

David is a Trustee of the Shenkar School of design in Israel, and serves on the board of Solomon Schechter School in New Jersey. David is a resident of New York City.